What comes to your mind reading this writing?

You might have thought 
that all the stars and planets 
in the universe are there 
for some reason.

"Yes, that is the truth."

Everything in this universe has 
its purpose, and each one of them has a certain meaning.
We just can’t discover them all, though, because human brain is 
not capable enough to analyze and understand all the information 
in this universe.

There are much more 
new-findings to be discovered yet. 
I’m sure that what I’ve found so far 
is only a fraction of them.

when we go to heaven 
in a glorious new-body, 
we will find out much more mysteries
about this infinite universe.

I’m convinced
 that we will have
 the experiences in heaven
 as follows.

We will find out

 the mysteries of this infinite universe which God created
in just one day, the fourth day
 of the Creation of All,

 and it will go on for eternity.

We'll be amazed by the infinite wisdom of our Father, Almighty God, the Creator of All.

That’s what I realized

 while discovering the signs
 in the ‘End-Time Series.’

There is one more
 that I‘ve realized working on
 the decalcomania and
 the hexagons.

That is, the western calendar
 that we believe being invented by Romans is actually made by Father God using Romans.

If it weren't for
 the western calendar,
 I wouldn't have found
 the hexagons and the decalcomania.

Because both were based on
 the western calendar.

To reveal this,
 God let the Gentiles use
 the western calendar.

As an extension of this realization,
I learned that the constellation
was also named by Father God
 using the Gentiles’ legend.

The representative one of those is "Leo."

The main character of this addendum is Messiah’s body double "Jupiter,"

 and the lion of the tribe of Judah, "Leo."

01 The life of Jesus on earth

"Jesus lived 33 and a half years
on earth."

"Jupiter," with an orbital cycle of about 12 years,

exactly arrives at the location 

below in 33 and 34 years 

after coming out of Virgo's womb.

It's the same location without exception within 6,000 years of human history.


「 "The Lion of the tribe of Judah," the Root of David,
 has triumphed.
 He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals. 」

(Revelation 5:5)

"The life of Jesus

is 33.5 years."

02 The Coronation of the King

The scene of Revelation 12 
appeared in the sky on
September 23, 2017.

The day Jupiter came 
out of the woman’s womb was around September 7, 2017.

Jupiter then circled 
the solar system once. 
Exactly 10 years later, 
on September 7, 2027,
Jupiter wears a crown in Leo, 
the tribe of Judah.

I call this 
"the sign of the Coronation."

Let me show you the main characters that made the image of this crown.

- The Lion of 
   the tribe of Judah


- The Sun of righteousness

- The bright morning Star 

- The king who shall rule 
   the world with the rod of 

   iron (Jupiter)

All of them are the stars 

and the constellations that 
stand for Messiah in the Bible.

Let me show you the event
 that occurs on September 7, 2027, when this crown is formed.

"The sign of the Coronation"
 appears in the middle of the marriage supper of the Lamb,
 which is the time of the fourth vial.

"Let's read the verse of the fourth
 vial, when this sign appears."



「 The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun,
 and the sun was given power to scorch people with fire.

They were seared
 by the intense heat. 」

(Revelation 16:8,9)

The location of the sun
 at this time is as per below.

Messiah was not received
as a king by His people in Israel,
and was killed by them.

For the next two thousand years,
He has focused on intercession
for our sins as a high priest in heaven. 
He still hasn't worn the crown yet.

"A king needs his people to be a king."

He will finally wear the crown

as a king, when all the people of heaven from the last 6,000 years
 come together to receive Him.

I'm assuming that the day is
when the Coronation of Messiah
takes place in front of all the 
people in heaven.

"Loud voices"
 from heaven followed shortly 
after the two witnesses’ ascension 
prove that He finally becomes 
the King in the seven vials,
when the marriage supper of 
the Lamb takes place.


「 The seventh angel
sounded his trumpet,
and there were 
loud voices in heaven, which said:
"The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever." 


(Revelations 11:15,
The scene immediately 
after the ascension of the two witnesses)


「 Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: "Hallelujah!
For our Lord God Almighty reigns. 

(Revelations 19:6,
The scene from the marriage supper of the Lamb)

If you’ve seen the diagram in Part 1, you will understand that 
the voices are from the brides 
at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Most of the "loud voices" 
in Revelation are the 
"voices of the brides,"
the secret of God.

03 The Sky of the Crucifixion 

My assumption of the year of the crucifixion in AD 27 was proved 
by the hexagonal figures.

In fact, 
the sky at the time of the crucifixion
also supports my assumption.

Following is the sky at 3:00 p.m. 
on April 7, AD 27, Israel time.

It was the sky at the very moment

 He said, "It is finished!".

- Taurus of Satan: 
Mars (Satan) & Saturn (Satan)

 - Aries of Messiah: 
The Sun of Righteousness (Messiah)

The tension of constellation 
at this moment went on as follows 
after the crucifixion.

It will be more clear in the video, 
but let me explain it in words for now.

Mars (Satan) was kicked out
 by the sun (Righteousness)

and Saturn (Satan) was kicked out
 by Venus (Bright Morning Star).

The scene above appeared
 in the sky on May 20, AD 27.


It was the day of "Jesus’ Ascension."

04 Immanuel

When I was convinced that 
April 7, AD 27 was the day 
of the crucifixion,

I started tracking 
the year of Jesus' birth.

When going back 
33 years and six months, 

based on the biblical records, 
the year 8 BC has come out 
for His birth year.

Below is the diagram that 
I made at that time.

The month, 
33 years and six months 
before the day of the crucifixion, 
was September 8 BC.

In the very month was 
"the Feast of the Tabernacles."

I looked into the sky of that time.
And...the sign of the Coronation appeared again.

Below is the earth on "the Feast of the Tabernacles of that year" 

seen from Jupiter.

God is with us (came to the earth)."

It is exactly 33 years
 and six months from
 the Feast of the Tabernacles
 in 8 BC to Passover in AD 27,
the crucifixion day.

Based on all of these evidences,
 my guess, as said
in the End-Time-Series,
 is that the date of Jesus' birth is September 18, 8 BC,
 the Feast of the Tabernacles.


"A hexagonal figure that popped out even in
 His birth year."

05 Messiah’s Calendar 

As I said in Part 1, 
the Roman calendars for 
the year of the Creation, Crucifixion, 
Jesus’ Second Coming on earth, 
and His birth (mentioned earlier) 
are all identical, when the hexagonal figures appeared all.

And I named this

"Messiah’s Calendars."

They have appeared 
in the following pattern over the past 6,000 years.

It has been repeated 
every 11, 6, 5, and 6 years.

I converted these 
into a numeric value, the alphabetical order of Hebrew.

Messiah's Calendars,
 which have identically appeared
 in those years of His coming to us,
 have been shouting over the past 6,000 years.

 "See the Nail

in His Hand!"

As I said earlier, 

what’s been found so far is 

just part of the 'End Times Series.'

If you want to know more about 

the clear evidence that 

the author of the Bible is 

the creator of the universe, 

check out 'End Times Series.'


👉 End Times Series (Advanced)


The Most Amazing Story 

-The End-




「 Jesus saith unto him, 

I am the way, the truth, 

and the life: 

no man cometh unto 

the Father, but by me 」

(John 14:6)

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